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Buy Targeted Website Traffic

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Get more traffic to your website with targeted email ads.

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What Are Solo Email Ads?

Solo Email Ads are email broadcasts that you BUY to promote your product or service. We send traffic to your website or any landing page you want (that meets our TOS) using our email network and targeted email lists.


Why Solo Email Ads?

Reaching your target market is important to generate sales and conversions. With our large selection of targeting categories and industry niches, you can also gain an increase in organic, referral, social and even direct traffic. Your marketing strategy should include an effective "media mix" to reach as many people as possible. 


How Does It Work?

Our broadcast system sends daily email broadcasts to new leads who have OPTED-IN to receive this information. We qualify and verify new leads for you

everyday. The emails are fresh and updated every 24 hours. No duplicates!


Is it Safe?

Absolutely! Your website will be seen by real human beings. We never use bots, software, or any spam methods to generate website traffic. Our traffic is 100% genuine. 


What Websites Are Accepted?

We only accept websites that DOES NOT contain adult, illegal, racist, or hateful content.


  • NO Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adwares, Malware, etc

  • NO Iframes that redirect to malicious websites

  • NO Frame breaking scripts

  • NO Websites with download prompts

  • NO Domains with .tk, .co. or cc extensions

  • NO Popups or Javascript Prompts

  • NO,, and other PTP sites

  • NO Blank landing pages


When Do We Deliver?

We set up your campaigns within 24-36 hours. Your campaign will then go into a queue and once reviewed by our team for approval, your website or link will start getting website traffic. All campaigns run for 30 days. 


Can I Track My Campaign?

We provide you with access to your dashboard to monitor results. You can check your account as often as you need throughout the duration of your campaign. 


Are Refunds Available?

We guarantee to deliver all ordered solo email ads to websites that comply with our TOS. In the rare event, that we don’t complete an order within the requested timeframe, you can choose to have us send more traffic until the order is filled or be refunded for the unsent traffic.


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