I want to give you my personal recommendation for JUANITA Johnson and Personify Enterprises, who not only deliver what is promised, but, exceeds all expectations in every single way.


As my role as the President of the Broward Coalition on Aging, I was seeking a company to re-do our website, so that it would draw new companies and seniors to our organization. It did just that!!


With the use of her ideas and constant and professional consultation with our Board, JUANITA developed an incredible website. It helped to grow the membership of the Broward Coalition on Aging, but also helped us to raise money for events, have a 25% growth in corporate sponsorship in the 1st 6 months.


The growth has continued. Anytime that I or a member of my Board had questions or issues, JUANITA and Personify Enterprises were there to help us. On time and all of the time. 

I highly recommend reaching out to JUANITA, spending time and eliciting her ideas. I am positive that she and Personify Enterprises will help to grow your business. She certainly did with the Broward Coalition on Aging!

 - Glenn Soffin, President, Broward Coalition on Aging


What PE is doing for small businesses is not something you will find everyday. It is rare that an entrepreneur will reach out to help other entrepreneurs. I applaud PE for providing a platform for all small businesses and for those looking to start a business, to help one another.

- Rockelle Henderson, CEO, Rock Inked, Inc.

Personify Enterprises is a reputable brand with a passion for helping entrepreneurs. With their track record in the Digital Marketing space and Consulting, we have seen great results!

- Melinda King, Brand Ambassador


JUANITA and her team at Personify Enterprises are extremely professional and know what they're doing! The passion, knowledge and experience makes them the perfect fit.

- Janice McMillan, Medical Liaison


Great team! I had several Consulting sessions with PE for help in starting a new business. The direction and attention I received made me feel more confident about following my dreams.

- Ben Jones, Tech Entrepreneur


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