Key Strategies To Build Your Brand

The key to marketing for online businesses is simple: branding. Branding has been a marketing buzzword for a very long time. With a number of reactions to include; re-designed corporate logos, spiffy new letterheads, mission statements

and even theme songs. All of this can play a big role, but branding is much simpler than that; It's letting customers know who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

If you want to create an identity for your online business, you need to define your brand. When customers arrive at your website, the first thing they should see is what you do and why they should care. There are way too many websites that bombard you with flashy graphics and catchy slogans, yet leave it to you, the potential customer or client, to figure out what they actually do! The best thing you can do is make it easy. Who you are and what you do should be immediately clear and unmistakable.

A potential customer or client doesn't know who you are. The best way to make them care about who you are, is to start with what you do, not who you are. This may not make sense at first, but the most important concept of online marketing for online business is that your message should always start with stating a benefit for the customer or client. What's in it for them? Then, once they know what you can do for them, you can tell them who you are.

Rather than trying to get readers, visitors or users, think in terms of creating fans. Users visit your website, maybe subscribe to your newsletter, and buy your products or services. Fans are better because they rave about how great you are to their friends, cheer you on, and eagerly anticipate news about what's next! It shouldn't be too hard to see why fans are better than users.

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(Written by JUANITA Johnson. All content have published copyrights)*